New / Builder’s Warranty Inspections

The Hillsborough County area continues to have one of the highest population growth levels in the country. As a result, home builders continue to scramble for more and more land and seem to be building homes at a record pace. Owning a home is the American Ideal, but building a home is the Dream of a Lifetime. Unfortunately, for some new homeowners it can become a nightmare.

As a result of extraordinary growth in the Hillsborough County area over the last few decades, builders have grown to rely upon subcontractors who are continually looking for qualified labor. Most of these sub contractors are exceptional and well trained. However, with the record pace of building, it is possible to have workers who are tired, overworked or not as qualified as they should be. As a result, some new homeowners have found that these subcontractors (to name a few items) have forgotten to insulate portions of attics, have not installed electrical or plumbing components correctly, or have failed to finish their work such as not caulking the exterior of the windows and not properly installing gas appliances. If they do not document these items or catch them before the end of their warranty, the homeowner, not the builder, is responsible for repairing these items either down the road when they sell their home or when the buyers have an inspection performed.

The average home inspection costs between $250.00 to $450.00 depending on your square footage.  This is a small price to pay, to find out if there are any problems, or developing problems, with your new home.  If there are problems that are not identified and addressed with your Builder before your warranty expires, you could spend hundreds to thousands of dollars later on in the correction of these problems.            Statistics show an average savings of  $1500.00 to $5000.00 for people who get this inspection performed before their warranty expires.

House 2 Home Inspection Services can provide your builder with a thorough, detailed written summary of defects that need to be corrected while your home is still under warranty. It’s a good idea to have an independent authority conduct your home inspection. That way you have the peace of mind knowing you have a complete and accurate account of your home’s condition.

We encourage you to be present during the inspection and follow us so you can see what we see. Whether you follow us or not, we take time at the end of the inspection to walk through the home identifying issues and point out maintenance issues. Our inspections not only cover the basic items in a normal inspection, we spend extra time looking at systems and structural components to ensure potential issues caused by substandard workmanship are identified and corrected before they become an issue.


REQUEST AN INSPECTION today and have the PEACE OF MIND for a fraction of replacing/repairing/installing items in the future?