Pre Listing Inspections

Do you want to sell it faster?  Would you like top dollar? Are you interested in reducing negotiating time?

The Tampa Bay Area is a highly competitive Real-Estate market due to being the most desirable area on the west coast of Florida, so now with most homes appreciating at 0%-4% annually you must have an edge over the competition to get your top dollar.  Let’s talk about how a Pre-Listing Home Inspection can be a vital tool in the sale process of your home.

Think of all that goes into selling a home–the cleaning, the garage sale, the worry, the uncertainty, finding the mortgage professional to get a new loan, and then finding a real estate professional to sell the house–And that is before you even start looking for a new home and neighborhood! The last thing on your mind is a Pre-Listing Home Inspection. Yet, it could be the most important thing you do to prepare for your home sale.

Not only does the pre-sale inspection enable you to attend to problems before the house is put on the market but it also removes any questions for you, and homebuyers about the condition of your home.  Buyers are positively influenced by a professionally produced home inspection report, which improves the speed, price, and likely hood of a sale.

For these and other reasons, a home inspection is a prudent first step in the process of selling your home. You, as the seller, must present the most salable property possible.  A home inspection report will reveal the current condition of your house with specific evaluations of more than 400 items, and guide you toward enhancing the value and marketability of your property.

Most problems in a house are minor and can be easily rectified and inexpensively repaired; chipped paint, doors or windows that stick, an air conditioner that needs freon, a filter that is dirty, etc.. Such shortcomings are overlooked by sellers who have lived with them for years, but buyers focus them on. If the perceived problems do not derail the sale, they nevertheless provide grounds for price negotiation.

Some home sellers elect not to correct every defect reflected in the inspection report. Instead, they acknowledge the defects to buyers and explain that the asking price has been adjusted to reflect the estimated cost of repairs. Such candor tends to shorten negotiation time because buyers have fewer objections that could thwart a sale.  In addition to facilitating the sale of a home, an inspection helps the homeowner comply with full-disclosure real estate laws that have been enacted.


By focusing on the condition of your property, you are less likely to overlook a defect of material fact for which you later could be held liable.  In recent years, homebuyers have been more inclined to file lawsuits against sellers involving allegations of misrepresentation, negligence, and fraud.  Some judgments against sellers have been severe, even when the omission of facts was unintentional.


More Reasons Why…

  • There’s no waiting for a potential buyer to order a home inspection.
  • Hassle Free Home Sale
  • You’ll impress buyers with proof of your home’s condition inside and out.
  • Correct problems and eliminate last-minute repair hassles that could delay closing.
  • Decrease the chances of unknown problems that cause sales to fall through.
  • Get a better price for your home.

Ask yourself, if you were buying your home…would you buy yours which had a Pre-Listing Inspection or the one that didn’t…That answer is simple-Yours!